Kratom VS CBD – Comparing Two Popular Natural Herbs

CBD and Kratom are getting a lot of attention today, so we thought we would compare these two popular natural herbs and their relative benefits here.

You have most likely heard of the hemp-derived compound CBD before. It has been the talk of the town in the realm of alternative medicine for quite some time and has developed a reputation as a natural route to the relief of many conditions or their symptoms.

But there are some other herbs besides hemp that have also been growing in popularity for their therapeutic properties. In this article, we will look at Kratom and how it compares to CBD.

Some people claim Kratom can be an adequate substitute for CBD. But is this accurate? On the surface, they may appear to have some common ground. As you begin to dig deeper, it becomes more apparent that they are quite different.

Topics will cover.

  • What is CBD?
  • What is Kratom?
  • Comparing Uses for CBD & Kratom
  • Benefits of CBD
  • Benefits of Kratom

An overview of CBD

Nowadays, you can find CBD or cannabidiol in many different types of consumables.

You can find it in traditional forms like CBD tinctures or capsules and even more innovative products such as CBD coffee. The primary role of this compound is to create internal balance through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Part of what makes CBD so unique is that it is non-psychoactive, unlike the well-known THC, the main active ingredient in psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”). CBD can help you improve your mood, deal with anxiety, and even support pain relief, all without experiencing mind-altering effects.

CBD also shows the potential to treat many more severe conditions. As scientists conduct more research, even traditional doctors increasingly support the use of cannabidiol.

An overview of Kratom

Kratom, also known as “mitragyna speciosa,” is a tree that originates from South East Asia. It grows naturally in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. People from these areas have used Kratom for thousands of years. Traditionally, natives of these areas chewed the leaves for their stimulant-like properties. Kratom has a long history of use as an opium substitute and, in more recent times, has become popular as a recreational drug.

The plant’s principal active ingredients are mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7HMG). These two compounds induce their effects by interacting with the body’s opioid receptors. Mitragynine is the chemical thought responsible for the therapeutic effects, whereas researchers attribute psychoactive effects to 7HMG. The clinical research on Kratom is still minimal. This lack of research also prevents Kratom from catching on like CBD.

CBD vs kratom

CBD has a relatively long list of applications. It is most used to help with anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and inflammation. Although many consume it to feel more relaxed and manage stress-related symptoms, it is also becoming quite popular in the fitness community to help with recovery and pain management. Apart from those practical uses, CBD is also being researched for its potential to treat more severe ailments such as cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, diabetes, and many others.Kratom is used mainly to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and help with opiate addiction. As research surrounding the herb seems to still be in the early stages, no solid conclusions can be drawn yet. Based on user accounts, and the native peoples who have grown the herb for centuries, there is likely some truth behind some of the promoted benefits. Some People have claimed it is particularly effective in breaking dependency on more potent opioids like heroin and oxycodone. However, more clinical trials need to be conducted before they can be recognized as a reliable treatment.

Benefits of CBD

  • Pain management – CBD can be excellent in managing myriad forms of pain. It does the job by binding itself with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation and chronic pains. Many suffering from MS, chronic pains, backache, joint pains, and even menstrual cramps may experience some relief. Check out this study stipulating CBD’s pain-relieving properties.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression – CBD oil has so far been quite promising as a potential tool for managing anxiety and depression naturally. Many people have this natural approach to over-the-counter pills. Cannabidiol is further seen to be quite promising when it comes to managing PTSD.

Benefits of Kratom

As mentioned, Kratom tends to have a bunch of physical/mental health benefits. While the range and intensity of those effects are going to vary with each strain on everyone, some of the most noted benefits are –

  • Pain management – This one continues to be the #1 reason behind its growing popularity. The same is evident by the nature of reviews left by kratom users on this page on WebMD. Some of the alkaloids present in Kratom tend to fight inflammation. It also inhibits pain receptors, thus dulling the pain sensation, however momentarily.
  • Energizing effects – Since Kratom belongs to the coffee family, it should not be surprising that some kratom strains are going to make you feel instantly energized. Many like to sip on kratom tea instead of coffee first thing in the morning because it is so much more herbal/therapeutic.
  • Mild relief from anxiety/depression – If you find it hard to control thoughts or have been feeling depressed for a long time, chances are a few kratom strains may offer you some relief from depression and anxiety. It may also make you feel much more sociable. So, you may want to take it before attending a social event or a party. You can check out the research papers that talk about Kratom’s effects on anxiety and depression.
  • Helpful in overcoming addiction – While there is no research to prove this range of the impact of Kratom, natives did use it when it came to transitioning from other hard drugs or overcoming/managing often painful withdrawal symptoms that accompanied weaning off opioids.

Final Thoughts 

Although both are unique in their ways and have myriad overlapping benefits to offer, if you had to compare the two when it came to managing pain, anxiety, and sleep – CBD is unequivocally a far more acceptable option.

It is a lot safer to buy and with no chances of overdosing, as is the case with Kratom. Also, more people are familiar with CBD than they are with Kratom, which means you can get more honest reviews about CBD. That is something to think about.

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