OPMS Kratom Gold Review

Andrew, our amazing kratom reviewer, goes over our #1 selling product, OPMS Gold.

A few quick facts about OPMS Gold:

  1. OPMS Gold is very strong. It is a 35x and made up of 42% alkaloids. Be careful when using OPMS Kratom Gold, it was a way higher percentage than most other kratom products.
  2. OPMS Gold extract is made of Green vein Maeng Da.
  3. OPMS is made in high tech laboratories that use cold water and high pressure to extract more of the alkaloids intact, which make OPMS a higher quality kratom product.
  4. OPMS is 100% Organic and made in FDA certified facilities.
  5. OPMS tests for Salmonella, heavy metals,  E. coli, molds and other common contaminants to make sure that all OPMS products are safe.

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