What Kratom Strain Lasts The Longest?

In our last article, we discussed the different strains of Kratom and the type of effect they elicit on the body. It is pertinent to note that each of these Kratom strains has a unique half-life, which makes it the best for certain disease conditions in the body. In this article, we shall take a look at what Kratom strains last longer and why.

What is Kratom’s half-life?

It is quite impossible to discuss the interaction of Kratom with the body cells and system without referring to its half-life. A half-life can be described as how long it takes a substance to be become active and start acting on the body. It plays a critical role in how long the substance lasts in or is expelled out of the body. The half-life of a substance also determines the correct dosage and the maximum benefit to be obtained from such a product.

Please note that Kratom is relatively new to the system; thus, only little is known about its reaction with the body cells and systems. At the time of writing this article, only a handful of facts is known concerning its effects on the brain and half-life. The half-life of Kratom strains is determined by the concentration of alkaloids in it. While Mitragynine has a half-life of 3.5 hours, 7-Hydrocymitragynine features a half-life of 2.5 hours. This means, on average, the effect of Kratom lasts between 5-7 hours.

Also, note that our genetic make-up, age, and immunity may also play a key role in determining how long the effects of Kratom may last. Let us take a look at the most commonly encountered strains of Kratom and how long they can last in the body.

  1. White Borneo

White Borneo is known for its fast effects, which is felt almost immediately after taking the Kratom. It is an age-long stimulant capable of providing clean energy while boosting your mental focus. Its effect lasts between 2-5 hours.

  1. Red Bali

It was extracted from Borneo and became widely recognized for its relaxing effects. It can provide relief from stress and anxiety with an effect lasting between 5-7 hours or even up to 10 hours in rare cases.

  1. Maeng Da

This is not for beginners as it provides an intense feeling of euphoria and provides one of the best activities during pain relief. It is very active even at smaller doses, and its effect may last up to 8 hours.

  1. Indo Strains

Indo strains are great at providing a long-lasting effect lasting between 8-10 hours. It is often referred to as a social strain since it can break the shackles of shyness and fear in users.

  1. Green Borneo:

Unlike the white veins, Green Borneo is great at combining relaxation and energy in a potent mix, which is wonderful for pain and mental focus. This effect may last up to a day. In most cases, the duration of this strain is felt between 8-10 hours.

  1. Extracts and enhanced strains

These are gradually gaining acceptance by users since they are active at smaller doses and may combine the effects of Kratom powder and extracts together to produce an effect lasting up to 10 hours.

Bottom Line

The half-life of each Kratom strain is dependent on your body chemistry, tolerance, and genetic make-up. Let us know if you have any questions on Kratom strains that last longer in our bodies. We will love to hear from you soon.

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