Which Kratom Strain Is Best For Sleep?

Have you ever found yourself looking at the ceiling fan or the wall in front of you for hours at a stretch at night? Do you find it difficult to sleep at night for whatever reason maybe? Do you suffer from insomnia? If your answer is yes to any one question or all of them, […]

Are Kratom And Kava The Same Thing?

Kava vs Kratom: The Important Differences You Need to Know Kava and Kratom are increasingly being sold alongside each other at gas stations and in stores online. While they may be similar in name and drink appearance, truth is, they are worlds apart. In this post, we look at some the similarities and differences and […]

“Kratom VS Khat” – Everything You Need To Know

Records say the world has nearly 400,000 plant species. Of the number, humans employ about 15 per cent for purposes, Including medicine, tools, and food. The use of herbs for recreational, spiritual, and medical concerns dates far back in history. Fast forward to the early 20th century, researchers’ interest in these natural potentials had soared […]

Kratom VS CBD – Comparing Two Popular Natural Herbs

CBD and Kratom are getting a lot of attention today, so we thought we would compare these two popular natural herbs and their relative benefits here. You have most likely heard of the hemp-derived compound CBD before. It has been the talk of the town in the realm of alternative medicine for quite some time […]

Where Does Kratom Come From? Research-Based Info Updated!

Kratom is one of the most talked-about plants on the market. Even Though with a long history all over the world, kratom stays mostly misconception, and a lot of wrong information is spread about it on the internet. But today we try to cut all through that misinformation with proper research and a selection of […]

Top 5 Kratom With The Highest Alkaloids

One major activity that makes Kratom stand out among other commonly utilized medicinal plants is the possession of an excellent combination of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which play a key role in their effects. Apart from these two alkaloids, Kratom also contains a wide combination of more than 40 different alkaloids, including Isopteropodine, Mitraversine, […]

What Kratom Strain Lasts The Longest?

In our last article, we discussed the different strains of Kratom and the type of effect they elicit on the body. It is pertinent to note that each of these Kratom strains has a unique half-life, which makes it the best for certain disease conditions in the body. In this article, we shall take a […]

The 101 Of Kratom Strains

Plants have a long history of being used as a source of medicine to man. These plants come in different strains and variety, which differ base on their chemical contents and appearance. Although every plant on the surface of the earth has a concentration of chemicals, only a few plants have been widely studied for […]

OPMS Kratom Gold Review

Andrew, our amazing kratom reviewer, goes over our #1 selling product, OPMS Gold. A few quick facts about OPMS Gold: OPMS Gold is very strong. It is a 35x and made up of 42% alkaloids. Be careful when using OPMS Kratom Gold, it was a way higher percentage than most other kratom products. OPMS Gold […]

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